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Rehabs in Bardstown

Frazier rehab in Bardstown

Bardstown is a city in Nelson County, Kentucky, USA. According to the 2010 census the population was 11,700. It is the administrative center of Nelson County.
Here the number of people with substance abuse disorders is increasing day by day. Therefore, the state tries to support its residents through the formation of alcohol and drug rehabs. Each year, approximately 23670 people with different forms of dependencies admit into rehab facilities in Bardstown.
If you or your loved ones have this kind of disorder, admission into the clinic is the first step toward recovery. Various treatment possibilities are available in this region. Here you are to find a facility that may satisfy your recovery needs.
After completing the treatment in a rehabilitation hospital, there are also many support groups to help you to stay sober.

Frazier and Other Rehabs

There are 170 rehabs near the city midpoint of Bardstown. Within 100 miles of the city midpoint, you may find 48 residential and 224 outpatient treatment options. 36 facilities are only for women and 31 only for men.
They are situated within 150 miles of the city midpoint. You can receive pure science and medicine-based healing or just spiritual ones. It is more effective to get the combination of these two options.
For example, Frazier Rehab Bardstown, KY has sixty years of experience. It is world known recovery clinic that provides extensive therapy that is relevant to residential and outpatient rehabilitation needs.
It excellently combines innovative methods of rehabilitation with traditional healing programs. It also has specialty sessions made by professional therapists, to meet the unique needs of the patients.

Drug and Alcohol Assessment

The evaluation procedure is the essential part of making a diagnosis and determining the particular course of healing. It includes a complete analysis of the issue and reveals the type of the substance, frequency of usage, and mental condition of the patient.
Accordingly, the assessment procedure at Bardstown, KY rehabilitation clinics consists of four stages: screening, assessment, follow-up, and referral. This procedure helps to discover if there is a problem or not, and which medical plan needs to be developed.

Types of Rehabs

In this region you are to find many options for rehabilitation, that help you build a healthy lifestyle and overcome dependency. There are such types available as:

Alcohol and Drug Detoxification

While stopping using drugs or alcohol you have to put yourself through withdrawal. During that period, detoxification provides medical monitoring and supervision of the professionals. It is the fundamental step before the actual addiction recovery process. A day of this procedure costs from $600 to $1000.


These facilities offer you strong support and 24-hour supervision from peers and professionals. They include behavioral therapy, relapse prevention, and reduction of stress. There is also addiction education accessible.
Inpatient facilities have many recreational services, such as swimming or yoga.
For a 30-day program, you have to pay within $14,000 and $27,000.


If you don’t have a severe addiction, outpatient healing is the best option for you. You don’t need to stay at the hospital, just pay several visits a week. The frequency of visits and program length depends on the course that you are in; whether it is partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient care, or a traditional one.
Per session costs $500.


Medication-Assisted treatment offers you medication to overcome the severe effects of withdrawal. It includes behavioral therapy and medications like methadone, buprenorphine, etc.

Aftercare services

Overcoming dependency may last several years. To gain desirable results it is important to take part in aftercare and alumni services. The latter might include individual or group therapy, a 12-step program, support through telephone, employment assistance, and so on.
The length of rehabilitation programs may range from a month to a year or more. It depends on the type of dependence and its severity.

Top five local rehabs

  • Prospect House
  • Centerstone Bloomington – South Rogers Street
  • Bradford Health Services
  • Hope Center — Ball-Quantrell Jones Recovery Center for Women
  • Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Centers

Available Methods of Payment

Insurance is the most acceptable form of rehab payment. In the case of rehabs, you can get the highest level of care that is the most expensive as a result.
The outpatient healings are cheaper, and sometimes are not enough for staying sober. In both cases, your private insurance plans (if you are covered with Athena, Humana, or another agency) will obtain partial or full coverage.
Some facilities also accept Medicaid or Medicare plans. Apply for scholarships, or use scale fees to pay for the therapy, search for fundraising, and set up a payment plan.
To get more info on these plans, call American Addiction Centers at 888-659-8467.

How to force your teen into rehab?

Children under the age of 18 sometimes don’t realize that they have serious substance abuse disorders. Therefore, they don’t want to enter the clinic. The parent or legal guardian has a legal right to force the teen into rehab. There they will get the support of professionals and be put in a healthy environment.

Toxic-Metabolic in Bardstown

Any disease of the brain that affects its structure and functioning is known as encephalopathy. There are temporary and permanent types of it. Congenital ones are existing from birth and cannot change. Other types a person may obtain after birth and during the while, it may get worse.
In Bardstown, Kentucky you are to find cognitive therapy at numerous rehabilitation centers. The occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and neuropsychologists held special rehab sessions that are to expand mental skills and functioning in daily activities.
In our article, we are going to discuss Toxic-Metabolic Encephalopathy. Keep reading to get known to the origins, main signs, possibilities of treatment in Bardstown, KY, etc.

Addiction Treatment Centers Near Me

  • Communicare - Nelson County
    331 South Third Street
    Bardstown, KY - 40004
    (502) 348-9206
  • 180 Counselling Services LLC
    101 Manor Avenue
    Bardstown, KY - 40004
    (502) 349-3147
  • Communicare - Larue County
    80 Phillips Lane
    Hodgeville, KY - 42748
    (270) 358-5667
  • Communicare - Washington County
    324 E. Main St
    Springfield, KY - 40069
    (859) 336-7746
  • Communicare - Marion County
    519 Workshop Lane
    Lebanon, Ky - 40033
    (270) 692-2509
  • The Lighthouse Sober Living
    1820 N. Miles St F1
    Elizabethtown, KY - 42701
    (270) 370-7573
  • Patricias Place
    2042 Main Street
    Willisburg, KY - 40078
    (859) 375-9200