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Rehabs in Bowling Green

Bowling Green is a city that is located in the southern part of Kentucky. It is the administrative center of Warren County. According to the 2020 census, the city’s population was 72,294. It is the third most populous city, after Lexington and Louisville.
The city has many serious issues connected with drug and drug-related activities. It has high rates of drug trafficking. Moreover, abuse of illegal medications remains one of the most complex safety and health issues that Kentucky faces. Last year, more than 1956 residents of KY died from a drug overdose.
Having these numbers in mind, the state is doing its best to offer ways of recovery and make its residents maintain a drug-free lifestyle. Bowling Green offers numerous rehab options.

Substance Abuse Assessment in Bowling Green, KY

To determine the extent of the dependency and a suitable rehabilitation approach, addiction evaluation has vital importance. Many professionals suggest assessment for users of illicit medications. The assessment also helps to find a rehabilitation program that meets your unique individual needs.

Treatment Options

There are various healing options available. Rehabilitation centers offer detoxification, inpatient or outpatient therapy, and other healing procedures.

Detox program

The first step towards recovery is withdrawal. This means that you are to go without alcohol and other medications. As a result, you may experience physical and mental symptoms. They have to be supervised by professionals. This procedure is held inside an outpatient or inpatient setting.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

During withdrawal, you may suffer from the desire for heroin/alcohol consumption. To help you overcome withdrawal effects, the doctor may suggest you take methadone or other medications. So, you will be under medical supervision.
This program also includes individual or group psychotherapy sessions.


When a patient suffers from severe dependency, recovering can be challenging and last very long. In this case, inpatient healing would be the best option. It is also known as residential therapy. The latter offers 24 hours and 7 days of supervision and comprehensive care.
The residential center has different types of services. Patients participate in behavioral therapy, relapse prevention, swimming and yoga, addiction education, and so on.


Outpatient rehabilitation does not require a stay at a residential hospital. So, if a patient has a mild addiction, this form of recovery would be effective for him.
It allows staying at home and visiting the facility several times a week to take part in group or individual sessions.


Adjusting to a sober lifestyle is a hardly manageable issue. Therefore, after leaving the center, patients might need aftercare services. Rehabs in this region provide aftercare sessions. For example, access to sober living housing, support in finding a job, a continuation of group meetings, and 12-step sessions.
Each type of treatment requires some time to get desirable results in the recovery process. Programs last from 30 days to several months or more than a year. Longer programs produce more successful results. Even so, the shorter ones also suit certain situations.

Costs of Luxury Rehabs in Bowling Green KY

Luxury rehabs are the most successful substance abuse treatment facilities in the world. Consequently, they have higher costs. The monthly cost of luxury inpatient rehab is between $30,000 to $100,000. A 30-day stay at a standard facility is between $5,000 to $20,000. The latter can be partly paid based on sliding scales or with public support.
Some of the luxury rehab healing services can be paid for by a specific health insurer. However, it cannot provide coverage for the entire stay.
The cost of therapy depends on the patient’s certain level of care, and specific needs. Based on location and services, the charges for luxury or traditional rehabs differ a lot.

Available Methods of Payment

Private health insurance plans may provide full or partial coverage of rehabilitation fees.
Rehabs in Bowling Green, KY deal with such private insurance companies as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Humana, and others. Besides private agencies, some treatment facilities use Medicaid or Medicare plans. Other types of payments include fundraising, sliding-scale fees, payment plans, etc.

Addiction Treatment Centers Near Me

  • Haven4Change Inc
    1500 Parkside Drive
    Bowling Green, KY - 42101
    (270) 796-1764
  • Center for Behavioral Health Inc
    1990 Louisville Road
    Bowling Green, KY - 42101
    (270) 782-2100
  • JourneyPure - Kentucky Alcohol and Drug Rehab
    2349 Russellville Road
    Bowling Green, KY - 42101
    (270) 944-3045
  • Community Resource Center Inc
    1733 Campus Plaza
    Bowling Green, KY - 42101
    (270) 842-4991
  • Andreas Mission for Men
    401 South Main Street
    Morgantown, KY - 42261
    (270) 999-6195