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Rehabs in Adair

Rehabs in Adair

Adair is a province situated in the central part of Kentucky. According to the latest census, the population is 17,244. The county is named after the former governor of Kentucky.

Overall, it is a region with an agrarian economy. It is also known as a place where some of the few surviving American Chestnut trees grow.

Yet, despite being a small and rather safe place to live, the locals face alcohol and drug abuse problems. It is an issue throughout Kentucky. Also, it is 12th on the list of the highest drug use by the state. In addition, Adair reported 9 overdose deaths in 2021.

Addiction is a quite serious disease that ruins a person’s life. However, if you or your loved one experiences this problem, there are ways to overcome it. Recent studies show that 3 out of 4 people suffering from dependence can eventually recover. So, this article will provide information about rehabs in Adair County where it is possible to start your journey to a sober life.

Rehabilitation Process

Admitting that you need rehabilitation is the first step. Despite all the difficulties a person may face, he has to remember that it is a treatable disorder. However, it is also a chronic disease and one needs many efforts not to face a relapse. This is the reason it is better to start searching for a place where you can get professional assistance.


The number one task following the admission is to assess the addict’s condition. The first is meeting a counselor to discuss the history of the addiction. The certified medical worker asks questions to understand the nature and extent of substance use. This is also a stage when the experts assess behavioral health issues. Once the doctor has all information he needs, he starts discussing treatment options.


Detoxification is the elimination of substances from your body. Additionally, rehab centers usually use medications to help people get rid of drugs. Overall, medication can be useful at different stages of recovery. The main goal is to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

A person’s attempts to detox by himself may lead to dangerous consequences. Therefore, it is beneficial to complete it under medical supervision.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

Choosing between inpatient or outpatient programs depends on the individual case. Anyway, patients suffering from grave symptoms have to undergo treatment under 24/7 supervision. This is the case for the inpatient model. It is a residential recovery that provides comprehensive care run by counselors and mental health professionals. The duration may vary, but usually, it lasts 3-6 weeks.

The recovery process includes:

  • Individual therapy

  • Support groups

  • Skill-building sessions

  • Follow-up treatment and aftercare planning

The benefits are a stable and safe environment as well as a complete focus on recovery.

Meanwhile, an outpatient program is for those who want to spend time at home outside treatment hours. It is a good option for patients who are done with the inpatient program. You have to attend sessions for 4-12 weeks.

Adanta Addiction Treatment Center

One of the centers offering such services in the area is Adanta. The staff offers evidence-based behavioral therapies to treat addiction. They also teach how to prevent relapse, work, and communicate. In addition, the center is focused on programs for those having a substance use disorder (SUD). This includes SUD-targeted case management and peer specialist service.

Overall, the advantages of the outpatient model are the ability to address family obligations and to continue your normal life. Anyway, it is better to decide on the type of facility based on the recommendations of the counselor.

Payment Options in Adair County Rehabs

With a variety of rehabs to choose from, first of all, focus on affordable options. Most rehabilitation centers accept Medicaid or Medicare insurance. The best way is to check with the admission specialist before you enroll in the program.

Bear in mind that private insurance may also cover the fees. However, the amount covered is different in each case. So, check your coverage with a private insurance agency.

Additionally, some facilities offer payment plans available upon request. A sliding scale fee is also possible. This pricing is adjusted depending on your income and family condition.