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Rehabs in Marshall

Rehabs in Marshall

Marshall County is in the western part of Kentucky. According to the 2020 census, the population is around 31,659.

The county has problems connected with substance abuse. In this article, we will cover options to fight the problem and how Marshall County rehabs can help in the process.

Addiction Treatment Steps in Marshall County

Treatment facilities in Marshall assist patients with eating disorders, drug and alcohol misuse, and pain management. Typically, those facilities provide 30-day recovery and longer 60- and 90-day programs.

When starting treatment, detox is the first thing to complete. In addition, to ensure that detox is appropriate and safe, medical professionals supervise it.

The second step at most facilities is to start therapy. It can be either individually or in groups. Most drug and alcohol rehabs strongly emphasize this phase as the outset of the healing process.

Furthermore, strategy after leaving the facility is essential to successful treatment. Most centers assist in creating a plan to maintain a drug-free lifestyle.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

A live-in facility provides 24-hour care as part of residential or inpatient therapy. Moreover, it offers complete therapeutic options. This includes medical and behavioral therapy.

Marshall County also offers flexible outpatient programs for folks unable to take time away from their daily life, jobs, or studies. Patients often meet for a few hours at the clinic a few times per week.

Some programs provide a combination of these approaches:

  • inpatient for medical stabilization

  • partial hospitalization for milder instances

  • intensive outpatient programs

  • outpatient clinics for follow-up

Rehab Centers in Marshall County

A treatment facility can assist clients looking for alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Patients need to undergo medically supervised detox as their first step toward recovery. After that, it is time for intense programs and counseling at the facility.


BrightView combines a patient-centered and evidence-based approach with compassion and dedication to better as many lives as possible. They provide patients with the support they need to recover from addiction. They do this by integrating medical care with psychological counseling and social services.

BrightView provides outpatient addiction programs as well. Thus, people can regain sobriety without starting over completely.

Western Kentucky Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services (WKDA)

Robert Counce established Western Kentucky Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services, INC in 1991 and ran until 2013. When Mr. Counce eventually retired, WKDA Services, LLC bought the company. They changed its name to West Kentucky Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services, LLC. On November 1st, 2013, the new name officially went into operation.

WKDA is the second-oldest continuously operating DUI program in Kentucky thanks to the combined services provided to the community by both agencies.

The center offers services for both addiction treatment and behavioral issues. It aims to target both children and adults, trying to decrease the level of substance abuse disorder (SUD) in the state.

Insurance Coverage

Usually, most insurance plans will pay for health services. However, the specifics of each policy's coverage can vary a lot.

There are two fast and easy ways to verify the coverage:

  1. Dialing the assistance number listed on the insurance card's back. It will put the client in touch with a representative. They will discuss the insurance possibilities for rehab.

  2. Telling the center about visiting them to discuss insurance details. Most times they are able to look up the extent of the coverage.

It is crucial to realize that just having coverage does not ensure that the claim will be honored. Moreover, it must determine that the patient in rehab has a medical need for treatment. There is also the possibility that insurance will only pay if the patient proves the need.