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Rehabs in Livingston

Rehabs in Livingston

Livingston is a county situated in the state of Kentucky. It has more than 9,500 population. The province seat is in Smithland city. It stands out with its high livability, educational level, and cost of living.

Livingston is considered to be an alcohol prohibition or dry county. The only exception is Grand Rivers. The area voted to become wet in 2016. Despite the ban on alcoholic beverage sales, substance abuse is still among the primary issues in the province.

There are different preventative, as well as educational programs available. Thus, in this article, we are going to discuss rehabs in Livingston county.

Primary Treatment Options

Treating addiction is not only about applying for clinical care but also accepting and understanding. It is very personal. Moreover, the treatment highly depends on the patient’s condition, personal preferences, dependence level, etc.

So, to make a straight recovery journey, you should pass through different steps.


The first thing to do after admission is to pass an assessment. This is to find out the following aspects:

  • Addiction level

  • Multiple dependence

  • Co-occurring diseases (dual diagnosis)

  • Relapse, etc.

So, the test lasting 1-1,5 hours will fully assess your well-being condition. Based on these results you should plan your further steps toward recovery.


To get a medically more stabilized state it is essential to withdraw the toxins from your body. In this case, you should take part in detox therapy. To reach more successful results it is recommended to complete the procedure in a hospital. Here you will be under medical care.

So, you can prevent side effects and removal symptoms. This is more useful than self-detox. Although the latter is quite cheaper it often causes side effects the patients are not able to cope with on their own.

Main Rehab Programs

After successfully completing the preparation steps it is high time you selected one of the main options for rehabilitation.


If you have severe dependence, live relapse, or are not able to get a safe living environment for recovery then the residential method is an effective method for you. Its duration is from 1 to 3 months. Sometimes, according to the sufferer’s condition, it even lasts until 12 months.

During the whole treatment process, the participants stay in a secure hospital. Here they receive 24/7 therapeutical control and planned therapies. The main advantage of these centers is that people are far away from outside stressors. That is why they have an opportunity to totally focus on treatment.


Outpatient, on the other hand, is not only more affordable but also lasts shorter. It enables the sufferers to choose the program and procedure duration, as well as schedule. Due to its flexible timing, patients are able to take part in the meetings in the late evening or in the early morning. Some others may choose weekend meetings.

Sometimes this method serves as a step-down aftercare service for those who ended inpatient rehab.

Luxury Rehabs

Those who want to get a smoother and more luxurious rehabilitation process should select luxury rehabs. Although the prices are considerably high people receive all the necessary amenities to recover while relaxing.

One of the most famous clinics in this area is Four Rivers Behavioral Health center. Here you find different services including mental health care, outpatient, aftercare support, case management, mentoring, coaching, etc. You should contact the hospital by calling this mobile number: (270) 928-2723.

Payment Aid for Rehabs in Livingston County

For many applicants, rehab costs are really challenging. Although these expenses are vital investments for recovery some people are not able to afford them. So, there is available financial aid with many options to choose from.

So, one of the most widely known variants is insurance. Here are the acceptable types:

  • Medicaid

  • Medicare

  • Private health insurance (Humana, Anthem, Aetna, etc.)

  • Military assurance (Tricare, Tricare Plus, Tricare Prime)

Next comes the sliding scale pricing. This is defined by your financial state.

Another variant is healthcare loans. Also, you may qualify for grants or scholarships offered by the State.

Otherwise, fundraising can also be too helpful. You may organize it not only offline but also on the online platform. This enables you to start using the money starting even from the first donations.