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Rehabs in Montgomery

Rehabs in Montgomery

Montgomery is a county in the US state of Kentucky, with its county seat Mount Sterling. It was home to more than 28,000 residents based on the 2020 census. There are many must-see attractions for residents and tourists.

Montgomery is considered to be a moist county. This means that it prohibited the sale of alcoholic beverages except for the county seat, which is a wet city, where alcohol sale is allowed.

This prohibition is a means of struggling against the number one medical issue, which is drug and alcohol addiction.

Montgomery County rehabs have the purpose of helping people overcome the epidemic as much as possible.

Substance Abuse Treatment Options

People with destructive and unmanageable substance problems must get ready to pass through successive stages of sobriety. Thus, you cannot leave out any stage, as each of them has its purpose.

Addiction Assessment

No disease can be treated without a proper assessment. Here also you must get your addiction evaluated for choosing the proper treatment programs. Being a simple process in its function, it is the most important stage of healing.

Abuse evaluation requires you to complete a questionnaire with various questions on your disease history and type. This is the starting point for all the clinics.


After evaluating your disease, you will be sent to the most vital process, which is medical detox. This stage aims to help you stop using this or that substance, managing various withdrawal symptoms. Medical supervision is very important in this case, helping you pass through the procedure safely.

This stage is a hope for a bright future, as it releases your body from toxins and gets it ready for the main recovery process.


Inpatient facilities are multifunctional and the most effective clinics providing various programs for healing not only abuse issues but also various mental health and co-occurring disorders. In other words, they provide a full package of treatment including evaluation, detoxification, and healing process.

These clinics work on a full-time basis. That is, they provide 24-hour care. The programs include behavioral therapies, various group and in-person sessions, and other procedures.

These processes would not be effective if there was not an individualized approach for every patient. The usual care duration is 30 days but in some rare cases, it can even reach a year.


Outpatient rehabs are not inferior to residential clinics in their importance. There are several differences between them and their functions. However, they both have the same mission of helping people overcome disease and achieve sobriety.

Their programs for aftercare treatment help people prevent relapse, which is very possible after residential treatment.

Based on your disease level and type, you will have to attend these clinics several times a week for several hours.

They are popular among many addicts for their reasonable amount of payment.

Costs Associated With Substance Abuse Treatment

Generally, payment-related issues prevent people from starting a recovery process, as it is a big concern for most addicts. You need to know that there are free, low-cost, and very expensive facilities. So, you are to organize your look-up carefully to find the most affordable one to your needs and financial situation.

There are many ways to cover your care expenses. The most popular one is insurance. It may help you pay for your healing either partially or completely. For those who do not have insurance, there are lots of programs supporting them financially.

Luxury Rehab Costs

These are the most expensive facilities and are also unavailable for most addicts. They have created all the necessary conveniences for a patient to feel better, as the environment has a leading role in the curing process. They provide various pastime services, amusements, and recreations making the recovery process full of joys and unforgettable moments.

You may meet up to a $100,000 fee during your rehab lookup.

Forcing Your Child Into Rehab

In America, every second parent faces this problem based on addiction ranking high in this country. To be adequate and find effective solutions is very difficult in this situation. For that, you should try to find medical experts who will solve this problem with a psychological approach.