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Rehabs in Breckinridge

Rehabs in Breckinridge

Breckinridge is a province located in Kentucky. Its seat is Hardinsburg. The province has more than 20,000 population. It is a small and welcoming county. However, the county was unable to combat substance abuse issues and now has a high rate of addiction.

Breckinridge is a wet county. This means that alcohol sales are freely allowed. Besides alcohol, the most abused drugs here are marijuana, opioids, heroin, etc. So, with the rising social need for clinics, the state takes the required steps to create upscale recovery programs. Thus, in this article, we are going to raise awareness about the rehabs in Breckinridge county.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Coping with the constant usage of narcotics and alcohol is not so easy. So, there are a lot of rehabilitation centers to help people first understand the situation they are in, and then start to treat the disease effectively.

So, in this way, the first step is assessment. Patients are assessed for their medical condition. This includes other co-occurring diseases such as mental and behavioral issues, dependence duration, and severity. As well as it is important to identify how many types of drugs a person used. This will lead to more precise information about an individual’s health state.

Then follows the medical withdrawal of harmful substances. This is called detox. According to statistics, it is important to pass the procedure under medical care. As compared to self-detox, medically assisted therapy is much preferable. It is more outcome-orientated. Besides, it minimizes the possibility of side effects such as anxiety, depression, headaches, etc.


If you struggle with a high level of addiction, you do not have a secure environment to be far away from outer stressors, or you simply prefer therapeutic assistance, then you should enter an inpatient clinic. By moving to these hospitals, you will stay here under the strict control of medical staff in 24/7 mode. The therapies are mainly organized individually and in groups. Also, counseling with family members is a great way to rebuild damaged relationships.


If you have less addiction level or simply want to follow up on the gained results then the outpatient method is what you need. This does not require you to stay in a facility. You are able to attend the 12-step program, group and individual therapies, and peer-to-peer meetings whenever it is convenient for you. This is very beneficial for students and employees with regular jobs.

Partial Hospitalization

This stands in between inpatient and outpatient services. It provides high-quality intensive therapies. Meanwhile, the patients do not have to stay in the hospital 24/7. Here the attendees can receive various procedures. They are even comparable to those included in a residential method including mental and behavioral health disorder treatment.

Luxury Rehabs in Breckinridge County

When thinking about the rehab process the last word that will ever come to your mind is “luxury”. Yet, these clinics can be of great help when starting the recovery. Though the prices are relatively high, these hospitals are located in far places. They are full of luxurious amenities, custom services, and in-house detox to benefit from.

Here in this province, you may find two famous luxury rehabs:

  • Communicare INC - provides dual diagnosis curing, case management, aftercare, and outpatient services. The contact number is (888) 344-8066.

  • Pathways Counseling - offers regular outpatient curing, discharge planning, and case management. It is located in Hardinsburg.

Payment Options

If you choose a clinic for rehabilitation yet are not able to cover the costs then insurance can be very helpful. Here are the accepted assurances:

  • Medicare

  • Medicaid

  • Private health insurance

  • Military assurance

If you do not have the mentioned types then you are able to qualify for custom pricing. This is set based on your family's financial condition. Also, you may take a healthcare loan. You should cover it within the agreed time frame.