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Rehabs in Kenton

Rehabs in Kenton

Every disease has its specific symptoms. By the way, they vary from one person to another. Drug and alcohol addiction has signs that you may confuse with other health issues. However, addicts realize their state better than their family members or relatives. Although they try to hide it, they surely know that they use substances. Meanwhile, in most cases, they do not understand that they need treatment. For them, this is a waste of time and money. They believe that overcoming such a situation alone is easy. These thoughts are the result of a deep mental problem. 

Rehabs in Kenton County, Kentucky can help you to solve it. Thus, we are here to guide you on your sober path.


According to NSDUH data, common health concerns in Kenton County, KY are: 

  • Alcoholism
  • Smoking
  • Drug misuse 

It has the second-highest overdose rate in Kentucky. In 2017, drug-related deaths were 115. Yet, 112 of those cases were because of fentanyl. Within 2019-2022, cases continued to grow. However, numbers indicate that the pandemic of toxin abuse breaks down by age. Thus, substance misuse mainly spreads among 18-44 year old residents. From the age of 45-65, the percentage tends to decrease. 


The process is not as unpleasant as you imagine. Some patients feel stressed thinking that monitoring is painful. That is why they refuse to take it. However, there is no need for trouble. Before the start, the doctor will counsel you and explain what you should do. You must answer some questions related to your disease history. It makes clear the substance type, use frequency, and dose. Eventually, this lets us reveal the stage of addiction and the suitable healing method for you. Also, physicians decide the intensity of therapies and the necessity of medication. 

You may pass exact testing in the Transitions Recovery Center. For an appointment, please call (859) 491-4435. 

Drug and Alcohol Recovery Programs in Kenton, KY 

When choosing a facility, the first thing you want to check is your insurance coverage. And, of course, the next most important point is the availability of proper care plans. Most of the rehabs in Kenton offer customized approaches to every client. However, the main difference is between therapies. Most of the procedures are general and every cure plan involves them. This refers to: 

  • Evaluation 
  • DetoxDetoxification ensures the protection and safety of our bodies from harmful setbacks. 
  • AftercareThe goal is to keep the final result of healing. Due to aftercare, you get rid of substance dependency. 

What about outpatient and inpatient treatment, not all clinics provide both services. For instance, in the Peaceful Rehab Center of Covington, there is only residential treatment available. 

Forcing Your Teen into Rehab 

Above all, parents are afraid of the law when wanting to compel their teens to enter a clinic. But because of it, you must not hesitate. The law does not prohibit forcing children in those cases. However, before this step, you mostly have to worry about your child’s psychic wellness. Besides, you can lose his trust. 

Remember that they are more sensitive than adults. So, forcing should be your last option. Firstly, try to follow his attitude to be sure of addiction symptoms. Visit his school if there is a need. Then, show that you support him and tell others’ treatment success stories as an example. Surely, this will minimize the risk of aggression from his side. 

Rehab Facilities Near Me 

Surely, each of us wants to settle in a cozy and quality hospital. Besides, we search for the best clinic for our loved ones. If you are ready to pay a lot of money, luxury facilities will be a fine choice. Meanwhile, there are cheaper centers that offer almost the same high-level services. Indeed, amenities are a little inferior in some features.  


214 W Pike St. #3,

Covington, KY - 41011

(859) 320-8181 


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Erlanger, KY - 41018

(859) 407-6624