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Rehabs in Johnson

Rehabs in Johnson

Johnson County is located in the state of Kentucky. It is named after Richard Mentor Johnson. Among the other titles and positions, he used to be a senator and Vice President of the United States.

The seat is in Paintsville. The city is famous for its Kentucky Apple Festival. People come to the festival to participate in various competitions, listen to live music, and just have fun.

Kentucky is a dry state. But, there are cities or counties where you can buy alcoholic beverages. Johnson County is the one where it is allowed. And, some people have problems with alcohol or even drugs. To help them, there are several Johnson County rehabs with good reviews.

Rehab Centers and Programs in Johnson County

Johnson County rehabs include one inpatient rehab, five low-cost centers, three outpatient rehabs, and one drug and alcohol detox center. Three clinics accept private insurance. To learn about them, call (877)-882-9275.

Rehabs in Johnson County offer the following treatment programs:

  • Short-term

  • Long-term

  • Inpatient

Short-Term Drug and Alcohol Treatment

In general, therapists offer this treatment to those who suffer from substance abuse for a short time.

You can choose between inpatient and outpatient short-term programs. This means that you can live in the clinic, but still have the ability to go home and spend time with your family and friends.

However, you should be careful, as it can lead you to relapse. That’s why it’d be better to choose inpatient recovery planning.

Long-Term Drug and Alcohol Treatment

This method is for those who have used substances for a long time. And, it is helpful when a general 30-day program is not enough.

During this period, you live in a rehab center. With other skills, you learn how to keep yourself away from triggers. Besides, you stay under care and control 24/7. Hereby, you overcome withdrawal with the specialists.

Inpatient Treatment

This 30-day program includes withdrawal, therapies, and group sessions. During this time, you are under the control of therapists and professionals who will teach you how to feel joy and happiness without boosters.


Almost all inpatient programs include detoxification. But, if your therapist suggests another plan for you, you can go through withdrawal in the detox clinic.

The hardest period of detox is around a week. Mostly, it depends on the cases and the severity. You spend that week in the center and continue with the outpatient program.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient treatment is for those, who feel comfortable living with their families, continue their life routine, and are sure that they can keep themselves from triggers that are around them.

You will have to take tests every day at random times, and attend group and personal therapies, and group sessions. Your family members may attend therapies with you.

Dual Diagnosis

Sometimes, substance abuse can cause co-occurring conditions. This means that the addict may have some mental problems.

In general, all planings include solutions for such problems. They include medical treatment, which should be under the control of specialists.

Prices and Payment Methods

The costs depend on location, services, and treatment methods.

  • For an inpatient 30-day program, prices start from $3,500.

  • In a luxury rehab center for 30-day planning, you will have to pay starting from $10,000.

  • For an outpatient program, you pay based on the number of therapies.

  • The cost of the detox center also depends on the time you spend there.

All rehab centers accept private insurance. Whether your insurance covers your recovery costs or not, you’d better check with your provider. He/she may advise you accordingly and help find a solution to cover the fees.