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Rehabs in Garrard

Rehabs in Garrard

Being a county in Kentucky state of the USA, Garrard is considered to be home to at least 16,900 residents. Lancaster is the administrative center. Garrard is a part of the state, which stands out for its attractions and recreations across the US. E.g few know that their beloved fast food KFC and the amazing hot brown sandwich have originated here. In a word, the province offers a variety of delicious dishes to its residents and visitors.

Unfortunately, fast food is not the only thing that affects the health of residents. Many lives are destroyed every day by drug and alcohol addiction. It is no longer possible to eliminate the epidemic. Anyway, many Garrard County rehabs have been constructed to fight against the disease for sober living. They consist of successive stages for final recovery.

Substance Misuse Evaluation

This is a very important starting point that a patient faces after attending a clinic. It gives the medical staff a clear image of the disease, helping them design an effective care plan. That is, the essence of the evaluation is to decide the severity of the illness and lead to the appropriate treatment option.

You just need to complete a questionnaire and then discuss it with a counselor to reveal the disease level. It may last several hours.

Rehab Types in Garrard County

Due to different addiction levels, rehabs have various programs. Generally, the clinics are of 2 types, outpatient and inpatient, which combine all the above-mentioned schemes.

Despite the difference, they also have similarities. The healing begins with an evaluation, then detoxification, and finally, the recovery process.


Once you become dependent on any substance, you must get ready to follow up a set of processes starting with detoxification. This is the most vital step that lets your body get free of any harmful substances you tend to use.

Detoxification must be passed under medical supervision, as withdrawals are different for everyone and may harm your health.

A range of detox types is available in Garrard County e.g opioid, drug, and alcohol detoxes.


You must organize your residential clinic lookup carefully so that it can address your condition. Make sure that they provide the most effective care on a full-time basis.

A full package of treatment programs includes assessment, detoxification, and main recovery. The professional medical staff delivers high-class care at every residential clinic.

The residential environment supports you with all the tools to devote yourself to healing wholeheartedly. In addition, these clinics have programs for dual diagnosis - cases that are accompanied by other mental health issues and disorders.

In an inpatient facility, the outdoor triggers will not harm you anymore. To not face relapse after inpatient treatment, you must attend outpatient clinics, which provide aftercare programs as well.


For those who are new to addiction and want to avoid it, outpatient facilities are there for help. It is the most widespread option for substance misuse healing. The reason is that they deliver care programs, which do not prevent you from your usual lifestyle. That is, you will get treatment for several hours a day or a week depending on your disease severity.

Costs Associated With Addiction Care

Substance misuse is a solvable and treatable issue and requires enormous financial resources. It is worth mentioning that there are clinics of the most variety of prices. Thus, every patient can find an affordable option.

There are also other ways of covering the costs. The most widespread one is insurance.

Many financial aid programs are available for those who do not have any kind of insurance.

Luxury Rehabs

The most desirable and also expensive rehabs are luxury centers. Expensive services are the result of their luxe-class living settings and treatment. Being the highest quality addiction treatment options, they offer complete personalization following your personal needs. The care process is mixed with various amusements and recreations, thus making the recovery path more pleasant and unforgettable.

Your treatment may be up to $100,000 for a 30 days period, which is unrealistic for most addicts.

Forcing Your Teen Into Rehab

Having an addicted child is the most worrying issue for any parent. Forcing is the least effective solution in this case. Persuading him to make that step voluntarily is the best solution.