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Rehabs in Owsley

Rehabs in Owsley

Owsley is a County located in Kentucky, U.S. Its foundation dates back to 1843. It has an overall 198 square miles area, with over 4,755 population. As to the racial makeup, the striking majority of the population is White, almost 98.7%, only 0.3% of the population is Black or African American, and 0.3% is Native American. The county is considered the poorest in the country and is the second for its child-poverty statistics.

Until 2013, it was the only region in the United States that prohibited alcohol sales.

As to the educational sector, Owsley has a Christian Private school, while the Sugar Camp Baptist Church remains the primary educational facility.

Although the local government spares no efforts to eliminate the ongoing issues, fields still need considerable amendments, such as healthcare. Here as well, drug addiction is one of the major troubles.

Statistics of Substance Abuse

Based on reports, opioid consumption has drastically increased in recent years, making Owsley the 12th in Kentucky. Overall, Kentucky is facing a steady rise in substance abuse, registering an almost 43% rise only in the past 2 years. The numbers almost doubled during the Pandemic, when the fatal overdose cases reached troubling numbers.

In the face of the situation, the government is constantly taking measures to handle the problem. It supports Owsley County rehabs, trying to provide the residents with accessible and affordable healthcare services.

Owsley County Rehab Centers

The first step of recovery is finding a good rehabilitation center with a range of quality services and experienced specialists. After discussing the details of the treatment and figuring out the approximate duration, types, and other aspects, clients can start immediately.

As in any other state or region, in Owsley, County, the rehabs are designing their own programs for different cases and levels of addiction severity. Generally, the most usual options of treatment are inpatient and outpatient ones, sometimes, the combination of those two, and, of course, aftercare is not less important.

However, before moving to the main recovery part, all patients undergo an essential stage – detoxification. Detox is the first step that is actually also the most important, as its positive outcome serves as a firm basis for further success.

Detoxification should be conducted and supervised by professionals, otherwise, it can put the person’s health in jeopardy.


Often people who suffer from drug addiction fight it for years. It requires utmost consistency, and if at some point patients give up or weaken, it might lead to a relapse. Those who have already walked this path, are afraid to start the treatment all over again, anticipating failure.

However, specialists consider relapse a fair part of the process and see it as natural. Even if that happened to you at some point, it doesn’t mean you cannot succeed.

Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab

If we have to draw a line between the two options and give a brief definition, then it would be something like this. Inpatient care is always residential and it is specifically designed for severe drug addictions. It takes a lot of time and dedication, yet the results will be rewarding.

On the other hand, outpatient help is for people with comparatively new cases of addiction that haven’t deepened yet and do not require 24/7 concentration and dedication. Outpatient help is pretty compatible with the usual lifestyle and schedule, and patients experience minimum inconvenience as a result.

So, the question is who exactly decides which type of treatment is more suitable for this particular patient? Generally, the specialist makes the decision, more often a team of professionals, with the consent of the client and close relatives.

So, what does the patient do when the program is over? The end of the course is just the beginning of something even more important and decisive – aftercare.

To retain the hard-achieved results, patients need to proceed with aftercare. Different individual or group psychological assistance is a good example of aftercare.

Costs Associated With Rehabs in Owsley County

Looking for an investment? Invest it in your health. It is true, the treatment is quite costly and for some, it may even seem something unachievable. Yet, nothing can stop the genuine wish for recovery.

Generally, if you have decided to get help, be ready to spend from $4,000 to about $20,000. This amount is roughly calculated for a month’s treatment. Based on the type, duration, and rehab type, the costs can vary. Also, medicine can bring forth additional costs. Thus, if you are planning to get help, get ready first for the upcoming expenses.