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Rehabs in Jefferson

Rehabs in Jefferson

Jefferson is in the north-central part of Kentucky. According to 2020 statistics, it had about 780,000 population. So, it makes the county the most populous one. 

In 2003, its population, government, and territory were coextensive with Louisville city. Meanwhile, it has become the seat. Also, the administrative entity has been shortened to Louisville Metro. 

Further, the division includes the Louisville-Jefferson County, KY-IN Metropolitan Statistical Area. 

Substance Abuse Statistics in Jefferson County 

In 2018-2020, the number of overdoses of any drug has outreached about 3,500 people. Moreover, opioid overdose deaths grew by 54%. It includes the result of methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, and so on. 

Besides, in 2019-2020, OD had about 68% of all opioid-related deaths. So, in this case, fentanyl has been doubled. 

Unfortunately, the division has seen a growth in the rates of overdose for stimulants and alcohol. That is why there are now many rehabs in Jefferson County. 

Alcohol & Drug Evaluation 

The assessment consists of a face-to-face consultation with a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor. For this purpose, they utilize an ASI program to gather information on a person's medical history, employment/education, alcohol, and pill usage, legal status, and familial, social, and mental health background. 

So, the DSM will be used to make the diagnosis, and referrals will be made as needed. 

The interview typically lasts around an hour. This service will set you back $100.00. You can call your local ETHRA department and request to schedule an appointment. 

Inpatient, Outpatient, and PHP Rehab 


Residents in inpatient treatment may entirely focus on becoming healthy and free without the interruptions of daily living. So, a normal day in residential therapy is meticulously planned and recorded. 

Further, psychologists, therapists, and psychiatrists engage with patients individually and in groups to facilitate the process. Normal inpatient treatment lasts 28 days to 6 months. 

While the drugs leave the body, physicians and addiction specialists check the patients' vital signs. 


Outpatient rehab allows those in recovery to stay at home while receiving treatment. The patients can continue to work and maintain contact with family and friends. 

For this purpose, such centers typically hold panels at night or early in the morning, allowing participants to retain their regular routines. 

These sessions concentrate on drug addiction education, individual and group therapy, and educating addicts on how to live without their habits. 

Moreover, this rehab can be used as a stand-alone option for someone with a mild habit or as part of a long-term cure. 


A partial hospitalization program is one of several techniques offered to assist people in the recovery process. It, unlike other programs, provides a radically different experience. 

Rehab Centers in Jefferson County 


They specialize in psychosis and panic. They also deal with issues like trauma, PTSD, and OCD. 

Their sexuality target is lesbians, LGBTQ+, and bisexuals. However, the age target is elders and adults. Here are the communities they are in: 

  • HIV/AIDS Allied 
  • Gay Allied 

In short, they provide: 

  • CBT
  • DBT
  • SFBT

Landmark Recovery 

They specialize in alcohol use and drug abuse. In addition, they offer the following cure steps: 

  • Detox
  • 12 Step

To sum up, here are the therapy parts: 

  • DBT
  • MBCT
  • CBT
  • SMART Recovery

They are working in Queer Allied and Veterans communities. 

New Leaf Clinic 

They specialize in addiction, substance use, trauma, and PTSD. 

Below you can find the therapy types they provide: 

  • CBT
  • Trauma-Focused

Free Rehabs with No Insurance 

This list provides free rehabs in the division. If you do not have insurance, you may attend them without any payment. 

Here they are: 

  • Sober Living America
  • BrightView
  • Turning Point Center