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Rehabs in Mercer

Rehabs in Mercer

Mercer is an attractive county with a total area of 253 square miles. Its population was 23,772 according to the 2020 census. Harrodsburg is the administrative center. It has many attractions to offer to its residents and visitors. Among them are various festivals, as they like celebrations. The division has delicious cuisine, which also attracts many people.

Unfortunately, the county does not have only good sides. There are also public health concerns that matter throughout the county. It is substance abuse, which can harm your health if you misuse it. For this purpose, Mercer County has limited the usage of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Anyway, it is impossible to prevent its spread due to its rapid development. So, the county has found ways out establishing various multifunctional Mercer County rehabs to struggle against the disease.

Assessment of Substance Abuse

If you are an addicted person and want to be treated and live sober, proper evaluation is your first step toward a new life. For medical experts, it is very important to understand how much the addiction has affected your life.

Being one of the hardest steps in the recovery path, it also serves as a guide for the coming programs. To clarify, which treatment option you will choose mainly depends on your evaluation results.

The process is not as hard as you may think. You are to complete a questionnaire and then discuss it with your medical expert. The questions are to reveal your addiction history, alcohol and drug type, relapse history if there is one, and so on. This means that you must be honest in your answers to have the most accurate assessment.

Treatment Options in Mercer County

After evaluating your disease, it comes to choosing a cure option that will best match your needs. Outpatient and inpatient Mercer County rehabs are ready to provide you with such services. Having separate purposes and functions, they both have well-organized care programs and professional medical staff.

Before starting any kind of treatment, you must pass through the next procedure, which is introduced below.


As an addict, your body is full of toxic substances, which may interfere during the treatment process. So, you must get rid of them beforehand. Here the medical detox comes for help.

Being one of the most important steps is not an issue, as you can also fulfill this procedure at home. Yet, it is not recommended for safety reasons. Under medical strict supervision, you will manage withdrawal symptoms safer.

The process lasts 3-7 days depending on the case. In addition to ordinary clinics, there are also specialized detox clinics where you can detox your body safely.


Whenever you attend a residential clinic, it means you have severe symptoms, which need thorough understanding and healing.

In an inpatient facility, you devote your whole day to the healing process. That is, you stay at the clinic till the end of your recovery.

It is easier to focus only on the healing process at an inpatient facility. Their individualized cure approach makes the recovery more effective.


People who have been diagnosed with mild substance dependence and have a short history of abuse can get treatment at an outpatient clinic. This is the best option for those who can gain sobriety without giving up their usual lifestyle. You will have daily programs at the end of which you can go back to your daily responsibilities.

In addition, a person who has already finished an inpatient care program and wants to get regular checkups and aftercare could attend an OP to prevent relapse.

Payment Options and Amount

Payment-related issues are the most worrying issues for most addicts, as the prices are unreal for many of them.

Yet, few know that there are free, low-cost, and expensive facilities. This means that every person can find an affordable option for him.

The most expensive facilities are the luxury rehabs that provide luxe-class treatment and living settings. Your payment amount may reach $100,000 for a month. In contrast, you can pay $5,000 for the same period at an ordinary clinic.

Forcing Your Teen Into Rehab

This is a worrying issue for most parents due to the addiction ranking throughout the United States. There is no perfect approach in this case, as every child has unique characteristics and demands an individualized approach.

No need to force an addicted child into anything. Instead, you should involve medical experts and professionals to take you out of this situation.