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Rehabs in McCreary

Rehabs in McCreary

McCreary is one of the oldest counties in Kentucky State in the US. As of the 2020 census, it had a population of 16,888 people. Although the county does not have many residents, it does not rank low in the frame of drug and alcohol addiction rate, either.

For this reason, in this article, we will talk about rehabs in McCreary County, Kentucky, and provide detailed information to people who need it. We are going to cover the statistics of substance abuse here, as well as the appropriate rehabilitation centers that addicted people may apply to and find help.

Statistics of Substance Abuse

Compared to the other states of the US, Kentucky has a really high level of addiction. Many people use illegal substances, including fentanyl, prescription opioids, heroin, methamphetamine, and benzodiazepines.

Unfortunately, very few people treat this problem seriously and try to get a solution to that. Many of them just get used to that condition and decide to either live their whole life like that or try to get rid of it by themselves. However, the statistics show that it is really hard to get out of this situation alone, so in this case, some specialists or counselors are coming to help.

In McCreary County, the consumption of illegal substances is increasing year by year, as many people have access to them. Some of them succeed in acquiring, others in spreading, and that is how the chain is growing continuously.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation in McCreary County, KY

In case of a SUD, you must apply to the appropriate specialist or at least find a suitable center to do an evaluation. This may be your first step to starting the treatment. It may seem hard, and you may come to this decision very slowly. However, the process proves that this is the only solution.

One of the most experienced and reliable rehabilitation centers is the Adanta Group. The center has branches in different cities in KY, and one of them is situated in Whitley City, 90 Medical Lane street under the postal code KY 42653.

If you choose this facility, you should start your care by taking a test to clearly indicate your addiction level and status. Only after this step, the knowledgeable specialists may understand what type of treatment and which therapies you need.

To get more accurate and detailed information, you may contact them by the following phone number: (606) 376-2466.


Detoxification is a process through which every patient must pass. Sometimes it seems hard and sometimes even impossible to overcome. However, there are many examples of successful people who could get rid of that unhealthy condition and come back to their usual life.

Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Treatment

After completing the detoxification process, intensive outpatient treatment follows. Each step comes with its challenges. The patient is fully informed of what harm they are causing to their bodies. Two or three times a week meetings assist those who want to consciously quit using drugs or alcohol.

When the intensive care is successfully finished after some time, the patient enrolls in outpatient treatment as part of a recovery program. Given that the patient's condition is already reasonably stable in this instance, consultations are held less frequently. All they have to do is pay attention and routinely attend classes.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Other Services

It is quite a common issue when a person has mental health problems and alcohol or drug abuse. In such cases, the patient is being prescribed Dual Diagnosis Treatment.

In this case, patients enroll in a particular program under the supervision and counseling of psychologists or psychiatrists.

Apart from this, there are also other cases when various services are provided to patients, including:

  • Individual or Group Therapy

  • Couples and Family

  • Trauma Therapy

  • Life Skills

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Forcing Your Teen Into Rehab

Since their level of consciousness is still developing, children and teenagers today, unfortunately, have access to toxic and deadly substances. If not careful, they can easily fall into the wrong wave and drown there.

Every parent must pay close attention to their child. As a parent, you should take immediate action in case you suspect such an issue.