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Rehabs in Grant

Rehabs in Grant

Grant County is an amazing place with gently rolling hills, attractive lakes and parks, friendly folks, and hiking trails. The county offers a variety of recreations to its visitors and residents. There are more than 24,000 residents here. Williamstown is the administrative center.

Unfortunately, the county has been facing drug and alcohol abuse issues over years. Eliminating the disease is nearly impossible, as it is a global issue. Yet, it is the main concern for the healthcare system. To clarify, many Grant County rehabs have been established to promote a sober lifestyle.

Drug And Alcohol Addiction Evaluation

Generally, every treatment plan needs carefully passed evaluation results as guidance. All the care progresses depend on proper assessment. This is a vital process that aims to reveal your disease severity and make the most appropriate cure plan.

The process is fulfilled by completing a questionnaire about every detail of your addiction history. The more honest you are in your answers, the more accurate the diagnosis will be.


When you are done with your evaluation, it comes to the next vital step, detoxification. It has an incomparably important function. The matter is that after stopping to use a substance, you may face a variety of dangerous withdrawal symptoms, and this process aims to manage them safely.

To clarify, it helps your body to get free of harmful substances. Medically supervised detox is preferable for your health safety. After completing this process. you will be able to start the main medication process.

Types of Rehabs in Grant County

The next important step is to choose between inpatient and outpatient clinics. Each has its unique function and purpose, but they both realize multiple and multifunctional programs.


From addiction to recovery, the path is very difficult to face alone as a person with severe disease. Thus, 24-hour strict medical supervision is mandatory here, which is provided by inpatient rehab centers.

Their programs are mainly for those who go through withdrawal. It helps to prevent them from relapsing.

As for the care duration, most programs last between 30 and 90 days. Accordingly, residential treatment has its subcategories enumerated below:

  • Long-term - 6-12 months

  • Short-term - 3-6 weeks

  • Partial hospitalization

  • Inpatient detox

  • Sober living programs

Residential healing has many benefits, the most important of which is isolation from the outside world. The prices are comparatively higher because of the around-the-clock care and living settings.


In contrast to inpatient, outpatient treatment does not hold patients overnight. Thus, this is the best option for those who cannot give up work.

Depending on the client's personal needs, the treatment duration may vary. This option has its types, which are as follows:

  • Intensive outpatient care - 5 times a week for 3-5 hours

  • Day program - 3 days per week for a few hours

  • Continuing care - less frequently than the above-mentioned two types

The best function of these clinics is the aftercare treatment, which is as important as its previous steps.

Rehab Fees in Grant County

Many factors may impact the price determination. Among them is the quality of care, duration, facility location, type, and amenities. E.g. you may pay at least $6,000 for 30 days. For a longer period, the fees will be $12,000 or more.

Yet, there are also luxury centers, which may cost even higher, $75,000 for less than six months.

Insurance is a beneficial option to cover the service fees. For those who do not have insurance, a variety of financial aid programs are available.

Forcing My Teen Into Rehab

It is one of the most worrying issues to have an addicted child who needs help. The problem is very serious, and that is why you will need treatment specialists ' advice and guidance. They will best understand your teen's personal needs and disease severity. The matter is that this is a problematic age and any wrongdoing may lead to disastrous consequences.