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Rehabs in Martin

Rehabs in Martin

This tiny county located in the eastern part of Kentucky occupies just 589.3 km². The population was 11,140 according to the 2021 data which is almost 1800 less than in 2010. This kind of decrease depends on many factors. One of them is the high rate of unemployment which reaches 8.9%.

Another big issue is drug and alcohol addiction. By the way, it is a reason for many social problems, or sometimes it is the result of them. Even huge penalties forced by the government for illegal narcotic trade can not completely quit this epidemic.

Thus, every day we witness more and more overdose cases. However, there is always a positive solution. But we need to know how we can help ourselves or our loved ones. In fact, the only thing we must do is avoid self-medication and refer to specialists. Otherwise, damages may be unbearable.

Rehabs in Martin county offer a professional and individualized approach to everyone. Their nurses will take care of you like a family member and will walk you through a sober journey.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation in Martin, KY

The first visit to a recovery clinic starts with a consultation with a counselor. During this, the doctor conducts an initial evaluation to understand the current state of an addict. Then, he makes an appointment for proper monitoring and assessments. In this phase the patient passes an interview indicating details about:

  • Previous treatment history (if available)

  • Symptoms

  • Substance type

  • Toxin use intensity, length, and dose

Disease signs help to reveal co-existing disorders (dual diagnosis), like:

  • Schizophrenia

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • ADHD

  • Bipolar disorder

  • Mood, sleeping, and eating disorders

The main aim of this procedure is to find out the most effective way of treatment for the customer. The results of assessments show what our organism demands to recover. Each situation and stage of illness require certain therapies and healing plans. So, no one cure program can heal everyone. Moreover, every patient should be treated with customized methods.

ARC Counseling Center provides all the services you need at the beginning of treatment and during that.

Substance Abuse Healing Programs

Firstly, let’s note that every cure plan should be unique and suitable for the addict’s needs. This mainly refers to:

  • The choice between inpatient or outpatient care

  • Therapies’ types, intensity, and duration

  • Use of medicine or its exclusion in treatment methods, etc.

However, there are general procedures, such as:

  • Evaluation

  • Detox

This is a mandatory step to minimize harmful setbacks after quitting the use of toxins. Due to safe detox, you protect your body and mental health from new worse challenges. Yet, remember that it must be under medical control. Otherwise, you can harm yourself more and more.

  • Aftercare

Indeed, this is the last phase of the recovery path. Aftercare is important but not mandatory. Its necessity depends on the outcome of the cure.

Payment in Rehabs

How to pay for the recovery center if I don’t have private insurance? This question interests patients above all. We hurry to calm you down as the options are many.

Those who have to cover all the costs with cash may benefit from a sliding scale fee. This allows us to pay as much as we can and get discounts. Another way is Medicare and Medicaid state-funded insurance designed for low-income clients.

Free rehabs in Martin, KY are also a good idea if you don’t have enough money for medical care. Surely, amenities are far from being luxury, but you will receive all you need. The SAMHSA national helpline operators give information about those centers including:

  • Address

  • Admission conditions

  • Contacts

As you see, there are various solutions, and the government supports all facing addiction. So, there won’t be any reason to refuse to enter a hospital and suffer alone.