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Rehabs in Metcalfe

Rehabs in Metcalfe

Metcalfe is a nice county in the US state of Kentucky, with a total area of 291 square miles. Edmonton is the seat. The estimated population is 1,586 based on the 2010 census. Thanks to its amazing parks, hotels, tours, cuisine and lots of other places of interest, the flow of tourists does not decrease.

Unfortunately, the county has a big medical concern. It is the high ranking of drug and alcohol abuse. The county is considered to be a dry county. This means that the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. This is a way of struggling against the epidemic. Anyway, it is not enough.

So, the county has established various Metcalfe County rehabs over years. All clinics are equipped with modern equipment, and the medical experts have 20+ years of experience. They all deal with each case with great responsibility.

Addiction Treatment Options

Receiving care demands much effort and patience in addition to the needed time. You are to go through a set of successive stages for sobriety. Despite being simple steps, they demand thorough understanding and consideration.

In general, outpatient and inpatient options wait for you. Yet, there are two vital steps before both of them.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Assessment

The more accurate your assessment is, the more effective your treatment is going to be. So, you need to find a professional counselor to reveal your disease level and type, thus guiding you toward the best option of treatment.

Your task is to complete a questionnaire on your disease history and details, after which you will discuss it with your medical expert.


If you are dependent on any substance, it means that your body is full of toxins and chemicals, which will interfere with the healing process. Here the medical detox comes for help. To clarify, it helps your body get rid of harmful substances and get it ready for the coming process.

Although it is possible to have the procedure at home too, you had better detox your body under medical supervision for managing withdrawal symptoms safer.


Once you complete the previous two types successfully, you are ready to enroll in a healing program. Inpatient rehab centers are the most effective ones, as they supervise you 24/7. That is, you are not allowed to leave the facility till the end of your recovery.

Here the living environment and atmosphere will help you get back to your sobriety and happy life more quickly. They have many benefits, one of which is their individualized approach to every single person.


This is another effective option but only for mild or just beginning cases, as their programs are on a part-time basis. To clarify, you will not have to stay at the clinic all day long. After daily programs, you are free to continue your usual lifestyle.

They also have additional programs for aftercare purposes. This stage is also very important, as it helps to prevent relapse.

Outpatient options are popular among many addicts because of their low costs.

Costs Associated With Substance Misuse Treatment

Another worrying concern in the recovery path is the payment amount. No fixed price is determined. You will meet free, low-cost, and even very expensive facilities during your Metcalfe County rehab lookup.

Luxury Rehab Costs

There are upscale clinics for those who do not have financial problems. Those are luxury rehabs. They provide the most pleasant healing accompanied by various amusements and recreations, thus making your recovery process an unforgettable experience.

They charge very high, reaching $100,000 for a month period, which is unreal for most patients.

Luckily, many clinics accept payment by insurance partially or completely. In case of not having it, the clinics may offer various programs that support them financially. You just need to apply to your local healthcare center and get details.

Forcing Your Child Into Rehab

Forcing is not always an effective way for achieving something. In this case, it may only have the opposite result. Because of age characteristics, an addicted teen becomes wayward and aggressive. Any similar behavior may aggravate the situation. The best solution is to apply for professionals' and psychologists ' help.