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Rehabs in Scott

Rehabs in Scott

Scott County is in the central part of the US state of Kentucky. It is included in the Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky Combined Statistical Area. According to the 2020 census, it had 57,155 residents.

The county faces a huge problem, which pertains to substance abuse. In this article, we are going to cover ways to overcome the problem and how Scott County rehabs can assist you.

Statistics of Substance Abuse

Scott County has always had high levels of alcohol and drug use. Nevertheless, the use of cannabis has increased during the last 2 decades. The utilization of e-cigarettes and vapes has lately soared. Alcohol continues to be the most often reported substance among youth:

  • 24% of students reported using cigarettes

  • 22% have utilized digital vapes

They have also noticed a drop in the use of alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana. It's been collecting data since 2013. But the average age of onset has dropped, indicating that children are starting to use drugs at an earlier age.


Patients typically begin their recovery journey by detoxing under a doctor's control. It is followed by a period of intensive counseling at the clinic. It is to ensure that detox is safe and suitable.


Assessment is to determine the individual treatment regimen in a suitable environment. It helps to find out much information about addiction and its history.

Treatment Programs

Addiction programs are controlled using rehab software. It allows patients to continue their basic tasks while undergoing addiction therapy. Most clinics will provide you with group activities. They teach patients on key life skills and provide them with the tools they need to deal with everyday issues soberly.

To address each challenge, patients have access to several effective treatment methods:

  • Mind mediation

  • Abuse adviser approach

  • Injury counselor

  • 12-step facility approach

  • Short-term healing procedure

Many programs and apps that can be handled regularly provide all-around therapy. They address the underlying issues that drove the addict to utilize it in the first place.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

Scott County inpatient healing consists of 24-hour care at a live-in facility. Complete services, including medical and behavioral therapy, are available in a single location.

Unlike outpatients, inpatients cannot take a little time for their regular life, job, or school.

Certain programs combine the in/out strategy:

  • inpatient for clinical stability

  • partial medication for milder cases

  • outpatient cure

  • follow-up clinics

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Scott County clinics assist clients with:

  • substance addiction

  • drug abuse

  • eating disorders

Clinics frequently include 30-day therapy, as well as lengthier 60- to 90-day programs.

The second step in most clinics is to begin counseling, in either groups or pairs. Also, most rehab centers for drug abuse highlight this stage as the starting point for recovery.

After you leave your rehab facility, aftercare is also required for successful results. Whether it's Alcoholics Anonymous or talking to friends, the treatment offices have consultants. They will help you develop a substance withdrawal strategy.

Rehab Centers in Scott County

Recovery Works Georgetown

It is a self-contained inpatient center that offers residential care. Aside from the many levels of treatment, they also provide the most recent methods of medicine-supported care.

Address: 3107 Cincinnati Rd, Georgetown, KY 40324

Ray of Hope Recoveries

The center allows you to regain control over your life. You will work with the same therapist, and your therapy will be adapted to your life and career.

Address: 1158 Lexington Rd, Georgetown, KY 40324

Recovery Works

The clinic offers high-quality services. It helps you to live in a secure, caring, and confidential atmosphere.

Address: 105 Eastside Dr, Georgetown, KY 40324

River View Counseling

The facility is known for providing lower prices for veterans, youth, and people with disabilities.

Address: 214 W Main St, Frankfort, KY 40601